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Who is J’raxis 270145?

J’raxis 270145 (IPA: [d͡ʒʌʔ.'ɹ̠æk.sɪs], juh-RAK-sis) is a liberty activist, IT professional, and small business owner from New Hampshire.  You can contact him at jraxis@jraxis.com.  You can also find him on the DALnet IRC network in #, typically under the nick J^raxis or J_raxis.  His PGP key is 0xBF9B0F53. Copies can also be found at the MIT and Ubuntu keyservers.

J’raxis is a libertarian, an eleutherian, a voluntaryist, and an anarcho-capitalist: A liberal in the classical, and proper, meaning of the word.  He is a secular humanist, and believes that human behavior and morality ought to be guided by the Non-Aggression Principle.  His personal motto is “Quod vis fac.”  As a participant in the Free State Project, he moved to New Hampshire from Massachusetts in 2007 after the enactment of Romneycare, the predecessor to Obamacare.

As an information technology professional, J’raxis specializes in IT security and privacy, and has worked in the industry since 2000.  He created his first website in 1996.  He is currently a senior software developer at a mid-size software business in southern New Hampshire.  In 2007, he founded EPRCI, a small web-hosting, IT consulting, and web-development business, with many other liberty activists and organizations as its customers.  EPRCI is not currently accepting new customers but is still online, and J’raxis continues to run the company in his free time.

Someday, J’raxis·Org will host some free software that J’raxis has developed.

Other Iraxian domains

These domains are part of the J’raxis domain collection.


J’raxis·Com’s current look and feel was designed to emulate the terminal interface from the Macintosh first-person shooter Marathon and its two sequels.  The text appearing on the other domains in the J’raxis collection is from terminal #2 of the Marathon 2: Durandal level “We’re everywhere.”  The image to the left is a modification of an image from terminal #0 of the Marathon Infinity level “You’re wormfood, dude.”  The original image read “marathon.0x0D.7” and had the Marathon logo in place of the J’raxicon.

J’raxis·Com is typeset in JetBrains Mono, a font designed by JetBrains, Philipp Nurullin, and Konstantin Bulenkov.  Your browser’s monospace font will be used if the font cannot be loaded.  The Marathon terminals similarly used a monospace font, the Macintosh version of Courier.

The 404 poem “Quoth the Server” was written by J’raxis.

J’raxis·Com and all its content, except where otherwise noted, are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License.  SSL certificates are provided by Let’s Encrypt.  ∎