Who is J’raxis 270145?

J’raxis 270145 is a liberty activist and information technologist from Grafton, New Hampshire. You can contact him at jraxis@jraxis.com. He is also on AOL Instant Messenger, Google Chat, and Yahoo Instant Messenger as jraxis, and MSN as jraxis@hotmail.com. (That is not an email address.) You can also find him on the DALnet IRC network under the nick J^raxis or J_raxis.

J’raxis is a libertarian, a voluntaryist, and an anarcho-capitalist: A liberal in the classical, and proper, meaning of the word. He is a secular humanist, an atheist, and believes that human behavior and morality ought to be guided by the Non-Aggression Principle. His personal motto is “Quod vis fac.”

J’raxis is an information technologist, specializing in IT privacy and security. He also designs and develops websites, and administers a small webhosting server. His PGP key is 0xBF9B0F53. Copies can also be found at pgp.mit.edu and keyserver.ubuntu.com.

More about J’raxis 270145’s “real life” activities can be found at his other website. And someday, J’raxis·Org will host some open source software that J’raxis has developed.

J’raxis around the Internet

J’raxis is a member of a variety of forums, social networking, blogs, wikis, and other websites. (Listed alphabetically.)


J’raxis administers several entire websites.

Webdesign and development

In addition to this site, J’raxis has designed and developed several websites for individuals and organizations.

* Along with Ron Helwig.

Other domains

These domains are part of the J’raxis collection.


J’raxis·Com’s current look and feel was designed to emulate the terminal interface from the 1995 Macintosh first-person shooter Marathon and its two sequels. The text appearing on the other domains in the J’raxis collection is from terminal #2 of the Marathon 2: Durandal level “We’re everywhere.” The image to the left is a modification of an image from terminal #0 of the Marathon Infinity level “You’re Wormfood, Dude.” The original image read “marathon.0x0D.7” and had the Marathon logo in place of the J’raxicon.

J’raxis·Com is typeset in Myriad Web, falling back to Myriad Pro, Tahoma, Arial, and finally your browser’s sans-serif font if none of those can be found. The terminal headers are typeset in Courier New.

The 404 poem “Quoth the Server” was written by J’raxis.


J’raxis·Com and all its content, except where otherwise noted, are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License.